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Zoe Parsons

Domestic & Narcissistic Abuse Coach

Service Description

Have you been in a toxic relationship and are feeling that it was your fault? Are you feeling confused, exhausted, broken and lost. Are you not sure if your relationship is abusive and need help identifying the signs? Is the person in your life your spouse, parent, sibling, relative, congregation member or work colleague? Do you need a safe place to heal, and process your experience? ​ When you have sessions with me, I use proven tools and strategies that will really help you recognise the traits and tactics of an abusive person. We can discuss what you need to do to protect your mental health, and what emotional and practical support you need. As a fellow sister, I understand that leaving the relationship might not be an option you have available to you, so I will help you make choices that are in-line with bible principles, so that the most important relationship in your life, Jehovah, stays strong and undamaged by your current situation.   I understand what you are going through, as many years ago, I too was in an abusive relationship, so I have first-hand experience of the effects of abuse and how damaging an abusive relationship is, as well as the tangled confusion and complexity of a power and control-based relationship.   Because of my legal background, and personal experience in family court, I qualified as a McKenzie Friend, this enables me to provide practical and emotional support to those who have children with their abuser, and who are still being abused by the perpetrator using the court as a proxy. I am a qualified Narcissist & Domestic Abuse Recovery Counsellor and I have a proven track- record, specialising in helping people recover from abuse, please reach out to me if you need me to support you. Certifications and Qualifications:  • McKenzie Friend – Legal Support • DASH Risk Assessment • Life Coaching & Counselling • Freedom Programme Facilitator for Adults & Children Areas of work: • Examples of areas I provide support in, just to name a few: • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery • Building Self Confidence • Healthy Relationships after Abuse • Trauma Recovery • Stress Management & Anxiety • PTSD / C-PTSD • Setting Healthy Boundaries • Codependency • Communication Skills & Conflict Management • Personality Development • Emotional Intelligence & Regulation • Dating and Relationship Issues • Family Court

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