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Tanya Berg

Chronic and Acute Illness Mindset Coach

Service Description

Hello, I’m Tanya, a mental health coach specializing in supporting individuals during times of chronic and acute illness. I firmly believe that our mind is one of the most powerful tools we have for physical healing. With compassionate guidance, I will help you harness the power of the mind-body connection to navigate this challenging time, cultivating hope and fostering an unshakable belief in your body’s ability to heal. During our sessions, you’ll receive guidance tailored to your specific situation in any or all of the following areas: • STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF: Addressing stressors so you can redirect your energy towards healing and restoring balance. • CLARITY & DECISION MAKING: Empowering you to make decisions calmly and confidently amidst overwhelming healthcare choices. • BELIEF & EMPOWERMENT: Cultivating hope and trust in your body’s infinite wisdom and healing capacity. • HEALTHY HABITS FORMATION: Overcoming limiting beliefs to establish essential self-care habits needed for a vibrant life. • GRIEF PROCESSING: Helping you navigate through the loss and sadness that comes with health challenges. • MEDICAL TRAUMA RECOVERY: Healing from the physical and emotional scars as a result of treatments or procedures. Cultivating a healthier relationship with your body and the medical community. • SETBACK MANAGEMENT: Navigating health setbacks with patience, compassion, and resilience to stay on course towards your healing goals. • RESTORE HARMONY: Cultivating balance so you can prioritize your spirituality and family without neglecting your health. In addition to personalized coaching, you’ll have access to email support throughout the duration of your package. This means you can reach out with questions, concerns, or updates between sessions, ensuring continuous guidance and progress towards your wellness goals. You’ll also receive training in a powerful daily reset tool to maintain momentum between sessions. IMPORTANT: Therapeutic-grade essential oils will complement our one-on-one sessions at no additional cost to you. If you are a US resident, please allow up to two weeks when scheduling your appointment for your oils to arrive. If you are located in another country, allow even more time. This additional step ensures you have the necessary tools to enhance your wellness journey.

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