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Cecilia Alamag

Nutritionist and Dietitian

Service Description

Cecilia Alamag, RND, MSc A licensed Nutritionist-Dietitian specializing in Nutrition Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes patients and weight management in adults. Since Nutrition Therapy is integral to total diabetes care and management, Nutrition Counselling and Individualized Meal Planning are necessary to achieve glycemic control and reduce the onset of complications and comorbidities. Patients with Type 2 Diabetes also need to achieve their normal weight for better glucose control and diabetes care. Cecilia will assess your current dietary pattern that contributes to your health status. She can also create meal plans that optimally meet your daily nutritional needs in consideration of your medical and nutritional status and food preferences. Achieving desirable weight can also be difficult for some individuals. Some individuals eat less but still gain weight, while some eat more but look great. Let Cecilia help you understand why you are not able to maintain a normal weight. She can also make healthy meal plans with controlled calories to reduce or gain weight.

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