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April Frazier

Confidence Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

Service Description

April Frazier is a lane-changer, world-wanderer and a dreamer who lives in the deep wilderness of self-actualization. She was a technologist, who wrote code and led software development teams for 18 years before realizing that her true passion is in guiding others to transformation. It was one of the scariest, most illuminating, crazy-wonderful decisions of her life when she decided to turn pro as a coach. Now, she helps others reinvent themselves, translating their skills from one discipline to another, and learning to turn their weaknesses into strengths so that they can powerfully engage and lead the world on their own terms. Unapologetically. SERVICES: Confidence coaching for career development, leadership growth and entrepreneurship. I help others rediscover their power, uncover their path, and unlock their future. On purpose. CERTIFICATIONS AND QUALIFICATIONS: Certified Health Coach (2017), Entrepreneur & Confidence Coach since 2018 AREAS OF WORK: Confidence development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

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