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Elizabeth Pettersson

Positive Psychology Coach

Service Description

Explore Your Inner Landscape Conquer Your Challenges Celebrate Success Hello! I want to help you reach your goals!  I will provide you with personalized and confidential coaching. I am trained in Positive Psychology, and have been a resource to others for over 30 years. I have a lot of experience in helping others combat anxiety and other challenges. I enjoy helping people discover and access their own internal resources. We can answer questions like: What makes you tick? Where you are now? Where would you like to go? We will explore deeply what makes you special and what you'd like to work on. We will identify your goals, the steps to achieve your goals, and ways to move forward when you encounter roadblocks. I especially enjoy helping people create a happiness/resilience kit. A personal resource you can turn to over and over again to help you now as well as in the future. I bring a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere to sessions. I like to dig deep creatively. Furthermore, I enjoy using art, visuals, music, as well as encouraging use of taste and scent, to connect to your emotions. Science has shown that we learn best when we use as many of our senses as possible. I look forward to our journey together!

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